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From driving and playing sports to reading and going on vacation, our eyes mean everything. If we can’t see straight or if we have discomfort in our vision, you can be put in some very dangerous situations. In order to stay safe and enjoy the life you like to live, it’s extremely important to take care of your vision. If you’re looking for a professional eye doctor or optometrist in the Brooklyn, New York area, then be sure to contact Eyedrop Optique. 

Eyecare Services

We are proud to also serve those in the following areas:

    • Clinton Hill
    • Williamsburg
    • Manhattan
    • Financial District
    • Brooklyn Heights
    • DUMBO
    • And more!

With our wide service area, it’s now easier than ever to take care of your vision. Not sure what eyecare solution you need? See below for a list of our eyecare services:

Comprehensive Eye Exams

The first step to solving your eyecare problems starts with an eye exam. With our professional eye exams, we can help determine if any corrective measures are needed to improve your vision and improve your life. We use the latest technology to effectively test your vision and help you decide if glasses or contacts are necessary. Aside from glasses and contacts, we sometimes find that your eyes may need certain medication to work properly. Looking for Lasik consultations or optos retinal scanner solutions? Call us today for more information. 

Contact Lens Exams

After a diagnosis from our optometrist that leads to a prescription, the eye doctor can then perform a contact lens exam. Whether you’re dealing with hard to fit contact lenses or you’re looking for contacts for the first time, you can trust our optometry specialists to find exactly what you’re looking for. After the diagnosis from a doctor, they can then offer you our full-line of contact lens options. Given that contact lens discomfort is so common, we offer a wide variety of lens options. Some of our lens offerings include kerotoconus lenses and ZEISS i.Scription lenses.

ZEISS i.Scription Lenses

ZEISS i.Scription lenses are some of the most technologically-advanced lenses on the market today. These lenses help to improve vision thanks to their unsurpassed anti-reflective coatings. When worn, the patient’s personal eye profile is analyzed using a unique computer-guided measuring system. This profile is then used to design and produce the lens, so these lenses might actually be able to correct previously undetected visual defects. Dealing with contact lens discomfort or hard to fit contact lenses? If so, then these ZEISS lenses are perfect for you!

From Lasik consultations and optos retinal scanner solutions to kerotoconus lenses and routine eye exams, Eyedrop Optique has the optometry services you can count on. While we are located in Brooklyn, New York, we are proud to also serve those in Clinton Hill, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, and areas of Manhattan, including the Financial District. Call us today to make an appointment!


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