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As one of the five basic senses, sight plays a significant role in the health and well-being of each person regardless of age. The expert care from Robert Ancona, OD, and his team at Eyedrop Optique in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York can help track changes in your eyes before they turn into a vision problem or eye disease. Make regular eye exams an important part of your overall preventive health care routine by calling or making an appointment online with Eyedrop Optique.

Eye Exams Q & A

If I can see clearly do I still need to get an eye exam?

Some people might remember getting their first vision screening in elementary school. The results of this basic test might have led to a follow-up with the local optometrist. But if you go through life being able to see OK do you really need to get periodic eye exams?

Yes. Although the vast number of Americans have good vision, according to a recent National Health Interview Study at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, 26.9 million Americans report having experienced significant vision loss.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that a majority of vision and eye problems don’t have any outward symptoms. Through regular preventive eye exams, changes in your eyes can be caught early when there’s time to either restore vision loss or prevent further loss.

How often should I have my eyes examined?

The general rule of thumb is to schedule bi-yearly or yearly eye exams. If you have a family history of issues like glaucoma or vision loss or risk factors like diabetes, Dr. Ancona will recommend adjusting the schedule to better track any changes in your eyes.

What types of tests are done during an eye exam?

A variety of individual tests can take place during a routine eye exam. The overarching goal of all of the exams is to get an in-depth analysis of not only how well you see but also the overall health of your eyes and if they are functioning properly.

Common eye tests measure a variety of things that either determine how well you see or how healthy your eyes are. These tests include:

  • Visual acuity, using the familiar 20/20 wall reading chart test
  • Eye pressure, which helps detect glaucoma
  • Overall eye health, which evaluates the health of the optic nerve and cornea

If you need eyeglasses or contact lenses, Dr. Ancona does a refraction exam, asking you to choose from a variety of lenses to determine the lens power needed to best correct your vision. If you prefer to wear contact lenses, he follows up with a contact lens exam.

If you are having issues with your vision or haven’t seen an eye doctor in a while, contact the highly experienced team at Eyedrop Optique in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York. Use the online scheduling tool or call today.