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Headaches can be more than just a minor inconvenience; they can significantly affect your daily life. The experienced team at Eyedrop Optique, led by Robert Ancona, OD, is dedicated to diagnosing and treating headaches, especially those related to eye issues. With many years of expertise in the medical field, Dr. Ancona offers comprehensive care to help you find relief and improve your quality of life. Call the office in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York, or schedule an appointment online.

Headaches Q & A

What are the common causes of headaches?

Eye strain

Eye strain is a frequent cause of headaches, particularly in the digital age. Prolonged use of computers, smartphones, or other digital devices can put significant strain on the eyes, resulting in discomfort and headaches.

Poor vision

Undiagnosed or uncorrected vision problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, can cause headaches. When your eyes struggle to focus, the extra effort can lead to pain and discomfort.

Incorrect prescription glasses

Wearing the wrong prescription glasses can also lead to headaches. If your prescription is outdated or incorrect, your eyes must work harder to see clearly, which can cause strain and headaches.

What are the symptoms of headaches?

Pain location and type

Headaches can vary in their location and type of pain. Some common areas include the forehead, temples, and around the eyes. The pain can range from dull and throbbing to sharp and intense.

Visual disturbances

Headaches often accompany visual disturbances, such as blurred vision, sensitivity to light, or halos around lights. These symptoms can indicate that the headache is related to an eye issue.

Duration and frequency

The duration and frequency of headaches can differ significantly. Some may last only a few hours, while others persist for days. The frequency can range from occasional to chronic, affecting daily activities.

How can an optometrist treat headaches?

Comprehensive eye exam

A thorough eye exam is the first step in identifying the cause of your headaches. Dr. Ancona will check your vision and eye health, looking for any signs of strain, refractive errors, or other issues that could be contributing to your discomfort.

Updated prescription glasses

If your headaches are due to incorrect or outdated glasses, Dr. Ancona will provide you with an updated prescription. The right lenses can alleviate strain on your eyes, reducing headache frequency and severity.

Recommendations for digital eye strain

For those experiencing digital eye strain, Dr. Ancona may recommend strategies to reduce strain. This can include special computer glasses, regular breaks, and exercises to relax your eyes.

Specialized treatments

In some cases, specialized treatments like vision therapy might be necessary. Vision therapy involves a series of exercises designed to improve the function of your eyes and alleviate headaches caused by vision problems.

At Eyedrop Optique, Dr. Ancona is committed to helping you find relief from headaches. His personalized approach ensures he addresses the root cause of your pain and provides effective solutions tailored to your needs. Schedule an appointment today by phone or online.