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Today, many people spend hours working at a computer, texting, playing games, or watching movies on some type of screen. Extended screen time is just one factor that can lead to dry eye. Robert Ancona, OD, and the highly trained vision care team at Eyedrop Optique in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York, help patients with dry eye and other vision concerns. To get relief for your dry eyes, call or make an appointment online today. 

Tear Care as well as IPL (intense pulsed light) are two technologies Dr Ancona has embraced for patients, with great improvement in quality of tear film and daily eye comfort!

Dry Eyes Q & A

What is dry eye?

Dry eye is a common condition in which a patient’s eyes don’t produce enough tears or produce low-quality tears. Tears act as a lubricant and protector of the surface of the eye.

Under healthy conditions, the glands above the eyes produce sufficient tears that work with the process of blinking. Not only does this process serve to rinse away foreign material but it also keeps the surface of the eyes smooth and free from eye infections. Any excess tears simply drain into the tear ducts at the inner corners of the eyelids.

When tear production and drainage fall out of balance, conditions are right for dry eye. Although dry eye can happen at any age, it’s more common in older patients. Since tear production can be altered by hormones, women have a higher tendency than men to develop dry eye.

What causes dry eye?

A variety of medical and environmental conditions can put you at a higher risk of developing dry eye, including:

  • Natural aging
  • Wearing contact lenses
  • Having had laser eye surgery
  • Living/working in smoky or dusty places
  • Blinking less due to extended screen time
  • Taking medications that adversely affect tear production

How is dry eye treated?

Dr. Ancona does a thorough eye exam as well as testing to discover the root cause of the patient’s dry eye. Testing includes measuring the quality and composition of the tears as well as the volume.

The premise behind dry eye treatment is to restore balance by producing more tears, conserving the tears already produced, and treating inflammation.

Depending on the root cause and severity of the condition, Dr. Ancona could recommend over-the-counter or prescription eye drops, often called artificial tears. He could also turn to punctal plugs to prevent tears from draining.

Is dry eye a serious condition?

Although dry eye isn’t a life-threatening condition, it’s uncomfortable and can make simple activities like reading and driving more difficult. If left untreated dry eye can make you more prone to developing eye infections. In severe cases, dry eye can damage the surface of the eyes by creating scratches on the cornea or corneal ulcers.

Dry eye is uncomfortable but treatable, and Robert Ancona, OD, and the caring team at Eyedrop Optique have a solution for your dry eye needs. Book online or call today.